Local SEO: Title Tags and Descriptions Are Easy SEO Wins

Google: Titles and Descriptions Are Easy Wins For Local SEO
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Shout out to Search Engine Roundtable: For Local SEO, one of the easiest things to help your website be found on Google is to tune up the title and description tags of your website pages. It’s not the silver bullet of SEO but it’s an easy task to execute and it will go a long way to help you match searchers with your product or service offerings.Read More


A Great Mobile Experience Enhances Your Brand

Here is what Google Says: “Nearly 9 in 10 smartphone owners who describe a mobile brand experience as helpful or relevant would purchase from the brand again.”

Over one-half of searches are done on smart phones as compared with computers or laptops so a great mobile experience is now more important  than ever before. Make sure your website loads quickly and remove any friction in the user’s experience. Anything that takes time will hurt your chances of keeping the attention of the user.




How independent reviews influence Google’s trust in your brand

This post by Search Engine Review gives reasons not to use fake reviews and gives 6 excellent tactics for picking up reviews.

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Search Engine Land columnist Kevin Lee recently wrote a post about the prevalence of fake reviews, how they are damaging consumer trust and why it’s a bad move with permanent repercussions to attempt to use them yourself.

The reason for this growing problem is that online reviews have tremendous influence over the purchasing decisions of consumers, as well as the performance of brands in the search engines. Luckily, many major review sites — including Google, Amazon and Yelp — are taking steps to combat the issue.

With all of this in mind, now is a good time to address how to approach online reviews in an ethical way that will produce long-lasting, positive results for brand perception and search engine traffic.

Google associates trust with ratings and reviews

It’s important to establish the relationship between user reviews and SEO performance before moving forward. Understanding that relationship will inform how to best approach and build a strategy for earning reviews.

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